We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and why.

We have gained experience from working with thousands of medical practitioners, and developed innovative tools and strategies to get you paid faster. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and why.


Revenue cycle

Your revenue cycle is complex and extensive. One minor hiccup can cause a delay in getting paid or, even worse, bringing your operation to a screeching halt. From data entry to patient receivable collections, we handle all of it. We have processes and solutions for every aspect. Let us show you how to maximize each and every minute you spend with patients.



Do you ever wonder if this shot or injection is profitable? Does this code reimburse better with a modifier attached? We help you understand the most profitable parts of your practice and allow you to generate the most revenue per encounter and claim. Being a doctor is already hard enough, don’t let coding and changing reimbursements make it any harder!



You don’t know which codes get paid by which carrier? You didn’t know that a new code is being implemented starting next month? Too bad. They won’t pay until you do. Insurance carriers are always updating and changing their rules. Allow Coronis Health to keep you up to date and informed on the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.


Credentialing and Enrollment

The enrollment process for carriers is only becoming more complex. Maintaining and adding carriers can be a burden, but it must be done. We have partners that can guide you throughout this process and assist you from step A to Z.


governmental and commercial incentive reimbursement consulting

We can guide you through the winding roads of the non-stop hurdles insurance companies make you jump over to get paid. Whether it’s MACRA, MIPS or commercial value-based reimbursement programs, Coronis has you covered. We can develop specialized routers, implement education programs and so much more!


Patient Collections

Providers can find the insurance arena daunting, so just imagine what a patient feels like! Many times, a patient doesn’t understand their medical bill, as a result they end up not paying. We have the keys to help patients understand why they have a balance, and the fastest way to take care of that balance.



Whether you work in internal medicine, perform surgeries on knees, treat sick children, or analyze blood work, we handle all of it. We have expertise in every specialty, and work in every state. We know it all, because we’ve pretty much seen it all. Are you looking to branch out into another service or vertical? We can help!

We develop detailed processes to do things right the first time, every time. Medical coding is complex, and there’s no reason to add to these complexities.