About MAS

Medical Account Services (MAS) was established in 1994. The leadership has over 50 years of hands-on administrative experience working with hospital-based physician groups and private practices. Our service excellence and high attention to detail have set us apart from our competitors, tailoring our services to the client’s needs and expectations. Medical Account Services is also committed to staying at the forefront of technology. We use the latest emerging technology to ensure that the resources available are completely flexible and upgradeable.

MAS is currently providing complete billing services for many prestigious physician groups, organizations and hospital care centers. During the past 20 years MAS has grown from an organization with one emergency medicine contract, two coders and a support staff of one, to a company that provides services and support to over 300 physicians with over 750,000 annual billed visits. MAS is acknowledged as an expert in medical coding and billing. MAS is associated with and is professionally acknowledged by hospitals, emergency physician practices, individual physicians, and professional peers. MAS’s knowledge of admitting procedures, authorization processes, coding guidelines and third-party payer regulations are well known.

MAS Leadership

Mark WalPresident, MAS

Pam ClineCoding Manager


351 Ballenger Center Drive
Suite 250
Frederick, MD 21703