A team of revenue cycle management professionals whose sole job is to help you become more profitable, productive, and efficient.

Coronis Health is an organization dedicated to relieving the administrative and non-clinical burdens providers face on a daily basis.

Fiscal management, cash flow concerns, billing operations, and IT operations – Coronis helps with essentially everything involved with non-clinical tasks.

Coronis Health focuses on reducing redundant operations, streamlining the medical billing processes and keeping your practice up to date with ever-changing government regulations.

Coronis believes that healthcare providers should focus on providing patient care, not whether or not their claims will be paid. Coronis will handle that side of things; you just worry about providing the best possible care.

We have gained experience from working with thousands of medical practitioners, and developed innovative tools and strategies to get you paid faster. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Teams of people working for you

When you sign up with Coronis Health, we provide you a team of people who are specialists in your area of medicine and know how to avoid common errors, increase revenue and improve acceptance rates.

Innovative technology

We are constantly striving to adopt and implement the latest healthcare technology, whether regulatory, clinical, or patient-based. You gain access to all of it, at a fraction of the cost. Don’t spend your time analyzing modern technology. Coronis is here to do that for you!

Front end and back end

We know what medical billing takes on the front end to avoid issues on the back end. We will coach and guide you toward submitting cleaner claims which will result in less frustration for you, your patients and staff.

Coronis Health Companies

CRT Medical

Focusing on Multispecialty Billing


Focusing on Multispecialty Billing


Focusing on Coding and Orthopedic Billing


Focusing on Anatomic and Clinical Lab Billing

We’ve developed detailed processes to do things right the first time, every time. Medical billing and your revenue cycle are complex, there is no reason to add to these complexities. Let Coronis do the heavy lifting, while you focus on being a doctor.